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Union FS to hold collection for The Bridge Homelessness to Hope

UPDATE: Due to the postponement of the game against Norwich, Union FS will now be hosting the collection on Sunday 23rd January at the Leicester City vs Brighton game.

Union FS will be holding a collection, in aid of The Bridge Homelessness to Hope, at Leicester's first home game of the season.

In previous years, Union FS have organised highly successful charity drives to support people in the community - including The Bridge in 2020, and they will be doing it again this season at Leicester's home fixture against Norwich on Saturday 1st January.

The collection, which will be taking place outside the SKI and Family stands ticket collection points between 1.45pm - 2.45pm, will be a chance for Leicester City supporters and people in the community to donate money, food and other essentials to The Bridge and homeless and vulnerably-housed people they support.

A full list of the items The Bridge are currently in need of are listed below:

Union FS

"Union Filbo Spirit, or Union FS, is a Leicester City fan group committed to bolstering the atmosphere and fostering a rich fan culture at Filbert Way.

We believe fans enjoy supporting their team most when they’re able to actively engage on matchdays and we wholeheartedly agree with Birch’s pre-match rallying call that supporters “…can, and do make a difference.”

The original goal of Union FS is to create an atmosphere which helps the players give that extra few percent that is so often decisive. We aim to achieve this by drawing together fans at the back of SK1 who want to offer vocal support. But our activities go beyond creating an atmosphere. Over the years we’ve collected for charity, hosted small-sided tournaments for City fans, and sold supporter-designed merchandise to fund our impressive tifo displays.

And in campaigning for fairer ticket prices, safe-standing, and singing sections we’re helping to ensure the fanbase has the foundations to thrive into the future.

In doing these things we’re creating a culture in which following Leicester City is about more than just attending matches - it's about having a visual impact as well as an audible one, and about contributing to the community which the club has grown out of."

Read more about Union FS and the fantastic work they do here:


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