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Business Champions

Are you a local business wanting to support a Leicester charity?

Find out how your business can make a big impact in the community by becoming a Business Champion of The Bridge Homelessness to Hope!

The Power of being a Business Champion

We all have a role to play in making our community a better place, and becoming a business champion is one of the most powerful ways to do so. By supporting our charity, you can be a part of something bigger and help create a long lasting impact for those who need it most.

From fundraising to volunteering days, there are many ways your business can support our charity!

Call us on 07944610671 or email to find out more about becoming a Business Champion!


Image by Hannah Busing


By becoming a business champion, you will not only help our charity but also benefit your business in terms of social responsibility, reputation and team morale.

Benefits from working with The Bridge include:

  • An opportunity for your business to fulfil its Corporate Social Responsibility 

  • Access to volunteering opportunities for you and your team

  • Recognition of your business on our website and social media campaigns

  • Invitations to events held by our charity

  • Option to have a member of our team to speak at an event or training day​

  • Support for staff who may be experiencing homelessness


How to get involved

Make us your Charity of the Year
By making The Bridge your Charity of the Year both you and your team are helping those who are most need in our local community. 

Sponsor our charity
We have a variety of projects and events for which we are actively seeking sponsorship. 

Sign up for Regular Giving
Your team can donate as little as £5 per month as part of our 
Regular Giving.

Volunteering Days
We offer many fun volunteering opportunities with which your team can get involved with, including team away days and events.

Whether it's a sponsored walk or run, quiz night or talent show, fundraising on behalf of our charity is a fun activity for the whole team.

Promote The Bridge
From promoting our charity on your company's website to sharing posts on your social media platforms, there are many ways in which you can support us.

Meet our Business Champions

Heidelberg Materials.jpg
Heidelberg Materials UK Logo

"We are delighted to support The Bridge Homelessness to Hope by donating flasks, overnight bags and waterproof capes.


It’s part of our three-year collaboration with the Leicester-based charity, whose vision is for everyone in the city to have a place to call home and hope for the future.


We are also taking part in the charity’s Big Sleep on 19 March and members of our Syston customer service team have also been volunteering in its kitchen and activity rooms as well as helping homeless people with employability skills."


"As well as raising much-needed funds for The Bridge Homelessness to Hope, we’re also aiming to help by raising awareness of homelessness with our networks of contacts and colleagues.


Having a roof over your head and keeping warm should both be basic needs in a modern society and our staff really feel that, which was why they voted accordingly for our new Charity of the Year."

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