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Who We Are

The Bridge Homelessness to Hope, which has a strong Christian-ethos, began in 2009 with a mission to help people who are homeless in Leicester by providing them with hot food, drinks and most importantly, companionship.


Today, The Bridge's team and volunteers derive from many backgrounds and religions, all with one common goal: to help those who are on the street move from despair to hope.

Volunteers at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope.

The Bridge is an outreach to the lost and lonely of Leicester, to the homeless, and to those who just have nowhere to go and no one to turn to.

Volunteers at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope.

The Bridge is a wellbeing centre that supports those who are hardest to reach by seeking to:

  • Overcome the barriers to engagement encountered with more traditional service models.

  • Be a place where guests can feel secure, trustful and not feel judged.

  • Run services that are supplied by people who understand their challenges and are empathetic to them.

Visit The Hub to read more about the therapeutic services we provide.

Our services are designed to support our guests in making long-term, sustainable improvements to their lives.

Our vision is for everyone to have a place they can call home and hope for the future. 


Our aim is to support the most isolated and marginalised people that often have no one else to turn to.

We do this by offering a safe place to support people in crisis, helping people make long-term, sustainable improvements to their lives, and by developing accessible mental health services.

Read more about What We Do and the services we provide to enable and empower our guests. 

Volunteer at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope.
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