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Tap and donate points generate £18k to support people experiencing homelessness

More than £18,000 has been raised for The Bridge Homelessness to Hope to help people who are experiencing homelessness in the city of Leicester through a contactless donation initiative over the past two years.

The scheme, run by BID Leicester, donated the money to Leicester charity, The Bridge Homelessness to Hope. Give Leicester was set up by BID Leicester and the city council, in partnership with Leicester's Homelessness Charter.

The scheme allows people to donate directly to charities at contactless donation points set up in bars, cafes, shop windows, offices and campuses.

Anyone wishing to donate can tap their credit or debit cards to make a quick, secure £3 donation, with all of the money going to the selected charity and supporting services including the provision of hot meals, a place to shower and do laundry, as well as physical and mental health advice and recreational activities.

Over the past two years, the charity has helped more than 120 people off the streets and into accommodation, and supported over 20,000 people accessing its hub services.

"The Give Leicester campaign has been a huge success in raising some much-needed funds for our homelessness support services. We are grateful to BID Leicester and everyone who has donated to us and helped fund our vital services. As winter approaches, we are faced with new challenges to support anyone sleeping rough in the colder weather. We are using the funds to keep our day centre open so we can continue to provide a platform for people to regain hope and move forward with their lives."

David Fawcett, Operations Manager at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope.

Give Leicester Donation Point
Give Leicester Donation Point

"We seen an overwhelming amount of support since starting this project, with members of the public donating generously and showing willingness to help the most vulnerable members of our community. We are delighted to have partnered with The Bridge Homelessness to Hope over the past two years and helping it fund vital services that enable people the chance to feel part of the community again, equipping them with vital skills and allowing the to visualise a future full of possibilities."

Simon Jenner, director of BID Leicester.


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