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March Motivator

Updated on 25/04/2021

A massive thank you to Gil Morley and everyone who took part in the March Motivator and raised an incredible £2008.13 for The Bridge!

Thank you to everyone who got involved. Your funding will go a long way in supporting the work we do and the guests we help every day.

You can join yoga teacher, Gil Morley to take up the challenge of doing some exercise every day during the month of March in aid of The Bridge Homelessness to Hope.

Gil is looking for ‘motivators’ to agree to do 250 salutes to the sun = 8 per day or 20 minutes of exercise.

There will be a Facebook group so each participant can log their daily practice or arrange to video call someone and practice together. Each motivator will be encouraged to identify/sign up another motivator to grow numbers further.

To make a donation and support the motivators in their challenge, visit The Bridge's Virgin Money Giving page.

“As we are living through a global pandemic with mental and physical wellbeing affected. I know that with daily exercise, this will improve through the month of March. I am also aware that homelessness is a global issue so wish to help those in my local community by raising funds for The Bridge Homelessness to Hope.” Gil Morley.


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