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The Bridge teams up with Good Grace Foundation to launch appeal

Leicester-based homelessness charity, The Bridge Homelessness to Hope, has joined up with the Good Grace Foundation to launch a new appeal for disadvantaged women in Kenya.

The two organisations are requesting donations of sanitary pads that will be shipped to Kenya to support young women in achieving the access to education that they deserve.

Taita-Taveta county is a predominantly rural area in Eastern Kenya.

Access to basic services is limited and there are large numbers of vulnerable young women who as well as experiencing significant material poverty and poor housing, also suffer from period poverty. Many girls and young women struggle to afford basic everyday items and the COVID-19 pandemic has made things even worse. Significant numbers of young girls are missing out on education due specifically to period poverty.

Donations of brand new sanitary products can be made at The Bridge Homeless to Hope, 43 Melton Street, Leicester LE1 3NB or people can donate funds for the campaign at

The Leicester-based not-for-profit Good Grace Foundation organisation provides support for the development of a range of local, national and international projects supporting education, housing, work and rehabilitation through the practical application of sustainable land projects.

“We’ve been working in Kenya with the homeless, particularly around the Taita-Taveta area. Access to services is limited and period poverty has become an acute problem with the lack of distribution of sanitary products resulting in young women struggling to maintain a reasonable education. By working with the team at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope to launch our sanitary pad appeal, we’re hoping to be able to ship quantities of products over to Kenya and support these disadvantaged young women.” David Mackenzie, Development Lead at the Good Grace Foundation.

“Although our primary focus is supporting the homeless community in our home city of Leicester, one of our principal guiding factors is providing people with hope so we’re delighted to work with the Good Grace Foundation on this appeal to support young women in Kenya.” David Fawcett, Executive Operations Manager at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope.


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