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The Bridge celebrate Volunteers' Week

Volunteers' Week, which ran between 1st -7th June this year, is a time for charities and organisations to say thank you to their incredible volunteers and the unwavering support they gift to us every, single day.

This year, The Bridge Homelessness to Hope hosted a Celebration Day for their volunteers at the Hope Centre where staff and trustees were able get together for the first time in over 15 months and say a heart-felt thank you to all of the amazing volunteers for all of their incredible hard work and dedication to the charity over the years.

The day of celebration, which had a Growth theme, gave volunteers both old and new some much-needed time and space to reflect on their experiences at The Bridge and share some amazing stories with one another over a slice of delicious cake and a cup of tea.

David Yeomanson, Volunteer at The Bridge

As a special thank you from The Bridge Volunteer Coordinator, JoJo Wiseman put together a a token of appreciation for the volunteers that included a certificate of thanks and a beautiful potted plant.

"We simply couldn't do what we do without the support of our incredible volunteers. Every day, our amazing team of volunteers gift us with their time, kindness and support to help us provide the many services we offer here at The Bridge.

From mentoring to running our creative sessions, to making sure our guests have a hot meal when they come in, our volunteers gift us with approximately 4000 volunteering hours every single year. So to all of our volunteers, we say thank you, you are all super stars!

A special thank you to Bakkavor Desserts for donating lots of cake to The Bridge on our day of celebration."

The Bridge Homelessness to Hope


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