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Get to Know The Bridge

This month we spoke to Sally-Ann Flemmings Danquah, Trustee and Punit Patel, Community Cafe Volunteer at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope about their time with the homeless charity based in Leicester.

Sally-Ann Flemmings-Danquah has been a trustee at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope since 2019. A Solicitor by profession, Sally-Ann is also involved in event planning and project management. This combination of skill and experience allows her to be both a Trustee; looking at the strategic function of the organisation, but also a volunteer seeking to meet the day to day needs of our guests.

"I am fortunate that we work well together, so I am able to not only share ideas but I am able to learn from the ideas and experience of others."

Sally Ann explains the reason why she wanted to get involved with The Bridge:

"I wanted to do more. Homelessness is something that society at large is aware of and may play a part in eliminating it in different ways. I wanted to do more than just donate clothing, food or funds. I wanted to be involved in unpicking the root causes and bringing about real change."

Sally-Ann's message to The Bridge volunteers:

"Thank you! The hard work and dedication of our volunteers does not go unnoticed. We know how much time and effort you each put in to support our guests even when you are not volunteering. Talk to us 😊 whilst we are considering strategies and ways to develop and grow we need to hear from those working closest with our guests. Don't be afraid to share an idea, vision or concern. We certainly do not have all of the answers but together as a team we can reach the solutions.

Punit Patel is one of our amazing Community Cafe volunteers who has been volunteering at The Bridge Homelessness to Hope for the past six months.

Volunteering to Punit means giving back to people who are in need, and he loves nothing more than socialising with the guests, staff and fellow volunteers when he comes in to help out in the kitchen. Religious literature has also been a considerable influence for him as it talks about homelessness, and this has encouraged him to help those who are in need.

Punit has just completed his Level 1 Food Hygiene Certificate and hopes that volunteering at The Bridge will help build his confidence, both personally and professionally.

If you are interested in volunteering with The Bridge, please get in touch with us by visiting our Volunteering page and registering your interest.

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