who are our mentors?

The project uses two mediums to provide mentoring, Face-to-Face Mentors (F2FMs) and Telephone Mentors (TMs).


Our mentors are all volunteers with different backgrounds, beliefs and skills, with or without experience of mentoring.

F2FMs meet with their mentee once a week for a couple of hours for up to six months to listen, talk to, assist and accompany them to achieve personal goals.

Whilst TMs call their mentees once a week for three to six months in order to provide a listening ear that reduces loneliness and improves wellbeing.

who are our mentees?

Our mentees are individuals who are homeless, ‘sofa surfing’ or living in sub-standard accommodation, or are at risk of homelessness.


They often have multiple and complex needs and have experienced trauma in their lives which causes difficulty in engaging with new services and maintaining a healthy life style.


They likely face chronic loneliness and social isolation, some have offending backgrounds, addiction difficulties, and most have ongoing physical or mental health problems. Most are economically inactive when they join the project.


Mentees are often referred to the service internally from other The Bridge services or from our partners in the city.