Who We Are

Who we are

  • The Bridge Homelessness to Hope is a Christian Charity – our faith is at the heart of all we do
  • We do not proselytise – we welcome people of all faiths and none

Our Vision Statement will be:

  • For everyone in Leicester to have a place to call home and hope for the future

Our Core Commitments are:

  • INDIVIDUALS MATTER – We will help our guests to develop their sense of self-worth. We focus on people’s strengths not their weaknesses. WE ALL HAVE UNREALISED POTENTIAL.
  • RELATIONSHIPS MATTER – We will help people to trust and build meaningful relationships
  • COMMUNITIES MATTER – We will foster involvement and create opportunities to help others
  • ATTITUDES MATTER – We will be non-judgemental in all our dealings with our guests
  • COMMITMENT – We never give up on anyone
  • OPENNESS – We will support anyone who needs our support
  • INTEGRITY – We will always seek to do the right thing
  • RESPONSIVENESS – We listen; we act

Our aims are to:

  • Support the MOST ISOLATED AND MARGINALISED PEOPLE, who often have no-one else to turn to, by:
    • Offering a SAFE, WELCOMING PLACE where all people feel valued
    • Providing CRISIS SUPPORT – shelter, food, clothing and companionship
    • Meeting our guests’ CORE PSYCHOLOGICAL NEEDS – to be loved, to be heard, to belong, to achieve, to have meaning, purpose and belief
    • Being a PLACE OF CHANGE where people can achieve their potential and help others